Wednesday, January 4

2011: a summary.


we headed to the temple, 
got snowed in, 
played with grammies and grampas. 

our baby turned one! 
a quick visit to utah to celebrate a wonderful friend...
and unexpected time with family.


i got bangs
and a positive test. 
(november seemed so far away!)


we had an easter
and mostly just ate cookies for dinner while i struggled with my stomach.


we saw our boo, 
and got boo-boos.


we found out we were having another girl
and had so many pool parties.


ellie started going to nursery
and we played our guts out.


the world lost a beautiful person.
i turned 25, got big and round, and we visited the tallest peak in georgia.


i got bigger
and made too many cookies.


we trick-or-treated
and fell in love with fall all over again. 


our sweet baby totally outshined thanksgiving 
and anything else that happened.


we loved on our girls 
and celebrated the season with family and friends. 

it seems that 2011, just like the three years before it, was a complete whirlwind. 
we've had babies and loss and weddings and cross-country moves and it never seems to get dull for long. when things get boring around here an appliance or vehicle inevitably breaks and we get busy improvising (right now we're using our broken dishwasher as a giant drying rack).

it's not perfect but we definitely love each other and we love our life. 

here's to another crazy fun year!


Ash said...

Such a great, great year! I can't wait to see all the things Ellie and Poppy do next. Thanks for letting us get to have some fun with you guys this past year!

erynn said...

what an awesome year. i loved all the pictures. why does time fly by so freakin' fast?? i just love your beautiful family.

Just SO said...

That is an amazing year. Can I just say how much I love the interwebs that let me stay up to date with people I love who live so far away?

Michelle+Ellie said...

ooooh you have the cutest little family i have ever seen.