Tuesday, December 21


we made it to the shortest day of the year! time is going so fast. 

i tried to take a picture of the way the moon looked last night around nine. 
(no way was i waking up for an eclipse while ellie is sleeping through the night again.
i'm not gonna be up in the middle of the night if i don't hafta be.)

it was incredible. the clouds were blowing around it, but it was so bright that it looked like the clouds were parting to let it through. man. i just stared at it for a long time, even though there were lots of creepy sounds coming from the woods. it was that spectacular. these photos do it zero justice.

happy winter solstice!

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Saimi said...

Ahhhh I wish I thought about going outside last night! I can't believe I missed it....Like wrapping presents was more important...I was so involved wrapping I totally forgot!

great pictures though, the noise in the woods is a little creepy!

Glad Ellie is sleeping through the night!!