Tuesday, December 7

down to the wire.

(last christmas, when times were slightly more simple)

well, okay, it isn't exactly that close to christmas but i'm starting to really feel the pressure. i just barely got the tree decorated, but it is still hidden behind all the empty decoration boxes that need to go back in the attic. i have wanted to attempt some sort of family photo but it still hasn't happened. i have about a million more things i need to do and not all of them have to do with christmas, but i have to make sure i get them done before the world goes crazy for two weeks and it is nearly impossible to do regular business with anyone. 

most of all, i not only have all my christmas shopping to do, i have zero ideas. what do i get the girl who doesn't even notice if she has anything? what do i get the guy who doesn't really need anything and doesn't really want anything that is anywhere within our budgetary limits? what do i even need or want? we're already planning on keeping it simple. we're bad at gifts. we always think of good ones two weeks after the event and then we go get it. i'm just getting my mother's day/birthday gift finally figured out.

there is someone on my list who is really easy to please.
all he needs are bones and hugs.


Rachelle said...

girlllll...i'm right there with you. trying to keep it simple but feeling a little - or A LOT - of pressure. ugh. i haven't bought one present yet. NOT ONE! good luck to you. love the doggy!

Kristina P. said...

I start making my shopping list in October!

Brynn said...

i wish i was nearby so that i could take your fam photo! :)

my tree just went up in all its glory last night. the house is complete-- with zero presents. i'm slackin too with the acception of tae-- that girl is allready set for two christmas'

e louise said...

amen sista!! we don't even have our tree up yet!! the only decorations we have up are stockings hanging from eldon's antlers. and i totally know what you mean by trying to get your husband an gift that is in your price range. is it too much to ask for them to be realistic???? anyways i'm totally with you on the whole judge thing. as nates uncle doug always says... "have puppies, not babies!"

Saimi said...

Wouldn't it be great if that's all it took was a bone and a hug to make everyone happy!!

Judge is so dang cute!!