Thursday, December 30



she totally got it. i thought she would only care about the paper and the bows, but she loved each and every gift. she looked them over thoroughly, gave them kisses and studied all the pieces. she even loved the stocking candies. it was so much fun to watch her play all day with her new things and beg for bites of our treats. 
we have such a loved, happy, funny girl. 

my mother-in-law posted an adorable video of ellie on christmas eve. click here.
for some reason i can't post the video i took on christmas morning, but i'll try again later.

more on our historic white christmas tomorrow.


Saimi said...

Cute, cute jammies!! I'm going to hop over and watch her video!!

Glad Ellie had a great Christmas, It's been so fun watching her grow!!

Saimi said...

That Ellie is something else!! She loves her new dolly, I could tell by all the kisses she was giving her!!

Kristina P. said...


pefblog said...

What a wonderful Christmas...I can't wait to see your parents!