Friday, December 17

random reasons why i love the husband.

#146 - he tells me he'll pick up dinner and brings home this:

and tattoos our child with the stick-on tattoos from the box.

#34 - he makes me cry with punny quotes like

"sounds like this latest harry potter 
was a lot of 'whore' and not enough 'crux.'"

#642 -  he remembers random pop culture and incorporates it into our lives, 
like the other night before dinner when he said 
"ho, ho, ho, i'm hu-hu-hungry!"

#3 - he makes me smile. and he makes a darn cute baby.


Saimi said...

He's a keeper for sure!!

sisterwendy said...

I love your husband too :) what fun it must be to be around him- LOL! The Flintstone commercial sure took me back a few years and made me feel Christmasy! TV people would sure be smart to play those old commercials every year! I'd buy their stuff just to keep the commercials on the air! xoxoxo

Madalyn said...

hahahahaha A box of cereal?! That's great!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! The cereal is awesome.

n.davis said...

how awesome!!! you guys are so cute!

and seriously, i have a feeling if our hubbys ever
met they would be 'kindred spirit' kind of friends. haha.
this made me laugh.