Thursday, December 23

rosy cheeks.

 we went for a walk
and i had to take some pictures of my sweet, rosy-cheeked girl.

(okay, so she was a little sad when we came inside.)

doesn't she look like she could be on a campbell's soup advertisement? 


sisterwendy said...

LOL! You're right! I have a retro Campbell Soup calendar in my kitchen and your Bean looks like she could have been the model for it! She has the most expressive little face! And cheeks an old auntie would want to pinch, pinch, pinch :) xoxoxo

Brynn said...


Kathleen said...

she's looks so adorable! and i love her hat! merry christmas!!

Anonymous said...

yes!! wow wouldn't have thought of that! and speaking of soup, grandma made your tortilla soup for our "happy birthday jesus party". it was great!! love you and merry christmas!