Wednesday, December 22


ellie's winterwear is too cute. i want it.

and i might make myself a hat, 
because i made hers and it was pie.

and a note about jeggings. 
you read that correctly. i've listened silently to the jeggings debate and i have just now become aware of pajama jeans. 

 i need to declare my position. i'm totally for them! i love them!
i'm wearing jeggings right now!

i bought jeggings when i was pregnant and they were wonderful. i wear them a couple times a week. why?
they fit well when i'm about to give birth,
they fit perfectly when i'm postpartum and don't know what the heck my belly is doing,
they even fit when i'm on my period and suddenly puffed up like roadkill.
 so i say, don't knock 'em until you've been nine months pregnant and they slip on like the most stylish sweatpants in the world.
well, okay, i will admit they aren't for everyone - but they are for me.
 i might need me some pajama jeans, too.

there is one thing i think we can all agree on.
jeggings/pajama jeans are less ridiculous than the short jnco fad i recall from junior high:


they were around the same time as these, which didn't make sense to me, either: 


and everyone was wearing like, ten candy necklaces all the time.  

 we'll leave you on this note:

"ellie, smile!"

"no, ellie, smile!"

"ellie, smile!"


 "eh, we'll take it."


Kristina P. said...

I love her little coat and hat!

Have you seen Conan wearing jeggings? You can find it on YouTube. HI-liarious.

Kira Dee said...

reeeaaally? Why have I not heard of these before? I need some. I usually just stay in my pajamas on days that I have a ton of house work. This way I could at least look like I made an effort to get ready for the day. Brilliant!! ;)

Anonymous said...

not so much impressed with the jemmings. sweat pants and levi's are meant to be 2 different pairs of pants. i don't think i'll be buying jamas. seriously people i think not.

on a happier note, ellie's hat is way cute! you should start a business making those!

Saimi said...

Love the pajama jeans!! Wow!! I'm thinking I need a pair!

Ellie in her winter wear is making me smile!! Adorable hat!

n.davis said...

jean leggings?!? pajama style..i have yet to see those ones. they look comfy!
I stand by you though, i LOVE THEM! why not, right?!
they are amazing! Ellies hat is adorable, and her jacket made me jealous..i need one too! haha