Thursday, September 2

you're in big trouble, mister!

here is why i am in big trouble:

 i keep catching her trying to stand up

who'm i kiddin'? 
we're all in big trouble!


Saimi said...

You got that right! It won't be long and that little Missy will be doing the W word!

Rachelle said...

not much longer then! it's so fun seeing them walk though. we just sit and watch ame'lia walk all over. it's adorable. our little boy is probably going to start walking pretty quick too! what a fun time!

Kristina P. said...

She will be running away from you in no time!

pefblog said...

Walking by New Year's Day!

Anonymous said...

like i said earlier... she's got your smarts. you were an early walker too!

..M.. said...

just wait...she will be walking soon. then it's really OVER. ha how cute!!

Rachel said...

just a quick note to say thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment last week. I really appreciated it :)
take care