Monday, September 20


 (ellie showing you her cheerios, getting ready to go off-road strollerin',
our fearless leader, "the spot")

on saturday we tried out daddy's new pole at the park by our house. the day was beautiful and we left just as it was getting too hot and sweaty. ellie loved the water and loved the breeze and we had a grand old time, even though nothing was biting (we kinda went too late - my fault). 

(it is red and sandy, another view, 
the campsite in the woods, daddy hard at work)

we saw some cranes and some doggies going for a swim (sorry, judge, that we didn't bring you along). the weather is starting to get really nice - except for the afternoons, they're still pretty brutal. we're so glad to have real weekends to spend together doing fun things like this. daddy is pretty much obsessed with fishing right now, so i think we can expect to spend more time out by the water. (maybe someday he'll get a boat and we'll be on the water . . . hmmm.)
 (mommy and baby hanging out)

 (playing around with the timer)

 (fish family)

most days should be spent like this. agreed?

(all done and we're pooped.)


Just SO said...

That looks like so much fun!! Hope you have better luck next time with the fishies.

..M.. said...

she is getting so big bradie!! i wish you lived by me...we could have play dates:(

Kristina P. said...

She is a natural!

Saimi said...

Awesome and what beautiful pictures, I can see why the Mr. likes to go fishing!

You girls are gorgeous!

Scaliwag said...

you guys all look so good.
But i just wanted to tell you that those pictures are so adorable of you you look so great! I miss you and James and little baby bean.

Rachelle said...

How fun! Your pictures are lovely! We have yet to do a fishing trip but now that makes me want to put that on the babies list! thanks for sharing!

Madalyn said...

CUTE! I love little outing such as that one, they are the very best!

erynn louise said...

looks like fun!! i need to have jimmy teach me how to fillet a fish!

pefblog said...

So much fun...I love the photos. What a beautiful family!