Thursday, September 30

chillin' out/maxin'/relaxin' all cool.

more fun in the shopping cart. 
ellie rarely sits the way she should in the cart.
sometimes, she puts one leg up on the push handle and chills.
other times she leans all the way over the side and tries to snatch at things.
when she does sit the right way, she swings her little legs very sweetly. 
she knows exactly what she wants and screeches when i don't let her hold something
(so she can feel important).
she conned me into getting her an apple juice.
we usually have a great time at the store,
mostly because everyone loves to stop and talk to her.

she loves it, too.


Saimi said...

Love that last picture! I'm waiting for her to pop out and say, "Surprise!"

e louise said...

she has the sweestest face in the middle one! what a cute little witch! (a good witch ofcourse)