Wednesday, September 8

my whirling dervish.

some more photos of a troublemaker i happen to know.
these were all taken yesterday afternoon 
(but still no decent pictures of teeth. oh, she's good.)

 untying mommy's shoes. 

 just hanging out under the desk.

 rolling herself up in the rug while mommy loads the dishwasher. 

 eating a catalog (hey, it isn't a magazine). 

 trying to eat mommy's stuffing for crafts. 

surrounded by booty (who needs real toys?).

she destroys the house and then looks at me like this:

then i kiss her face off. what else am i supposed to do?

p.s. - happy birthday to my sister, erynn
james and i decided that you (and nate, of course) win relatives of the year for letting us stay at your house and for being so hospitable. love you!


Kristina P. said...

She sure is a busy girl!

Brynn said...

Her checks are so edible!! love it. it only gets better!

Brynn said...

ps. good call on the word dervish. its been too long since I've heard that gem. ;)

Anonymous said...

what cute pictures!! love and miss all 3 of you guys!

Saimi said...

Oh mama, she's got you good! How can you resist though she's so stinking adorable!!