Wednesday, September 29

seven months.

(ack! this is a 12 month size dress!)

our ellie turned seven months last week. i know, i know, monthly updates are now getting to be a bit much. we'll try to make this one a little simpler. a little. i just have to make the most of my adorable eleanor.

she has been eating solids for a while now and has already mastered cheerios, crackers and other such yummies. she wants to try everything and she likes most things. today she licked a lemonade pop and made a sour face but came back for more. she also liked the spicy rice i let her nibble.

she never stops moving, even in her sleep. she has started hands-and-knees crawling and sits up all the time without any wobbling. she's pulling herself up to stand on any vertical surface, including legs and bare walls. she waddles along the edge of the couch and still loves her box. everything has become a wiggly wrestling match - bathing, eating, getting dressed, buckling up, diaper changes, sitting still for any amount of time - so much so that i've actually lost a little weight just keeping up with her.

she and judge are getting to be better friends every day. they are about the same height when they sit next to each other and she tries to use him to balance herself while standing. she also likes to do belly flops on his back and pull his ears and fur like she's about to ride him bareback. he brings her toys and she waves them around in the air while he tries to figure out how to get them back without being too rough. we discovered she likes all kinds dogs the other day when she reached out to pet a friend's rottweiler - she wasn't scared one bit.

ellie has almost no fears (the vacuum is one) and loves trouble. she knows when i'm about to stop her fun and tries to crawl away as fast as she can. she already tests me when i say "no" by looking up at me with a smile and trying to keep doing whatever it is i told her not to do, except she does it in slow motion while staring at me.

she's mostly happy and is learning how to clap her hands this week.

she likes:

the park
other kids
drinking from cups
hanging out by the window
sweet potatoes
smiling at strangers
when everyone gets excited and claps
dr. seuss
climbing up daddy's legs as soon as he gets home
standing up
sitting up
playing with judge

she dislikes:

holding still
being buckled in anything
being left behind
diaper changes
getting stuck

this is what i see most often - this little face right up in mine.
what a fantastic bean. 
we love her so much.


Joey Rachel & Avery said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW 7 months it feels like just yesterday...

..M.. said...

i cant believe she is that big!! holy smokes. what a cutie pie.

Madalyn said...

I can't believe how much she has grown. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I saw her but she's getting so big!!!

Saimi said...

Fitting into 12 month sizes...She's gonna keep you shopping the way she's growing!

How fun!!

Kristina P. said...

Her little teeth are so cute!

Scaliwag said...

look at those teeth!
She's so beautiful! She's getting so big.
I love you guys :)
I love that last picture too what a dolly. X)

Just SO said...

So very cute! I love her teefers!

e louise said...

she can't be that old yet!! wasn't she born yesterday?? what a cute little niece. give her hugs and kisses for me!