Wednesday, September 15

camp wiggle worm.

ellie had a little bug the past couple of days, but it wasn't much. just fighting a fever and lots of rest. on monday night the whole family (judge included) camped out in ellie's room. it was daddy's idea (he wishes we could do it every night). it was a little fun but mostly just tiring. here's a shot of what this looked like, minus the family:

she's feeling better. so much better that she's back to her regular waking-up-at-three-a.m.-to-crawl-around-and-play schedule. in fact, she is squirming with all her might on the chair behind me as i type this post right now. 
hooray . . . ? hooray.

so far hulu has saved my life by having three seasons of madeline streaming. it's the only thing that keeps her still for more than two seconds. we've spent a lot of time rocking to sleep while watching our little french friend's adventures. we usually wake up in a pool of sweat, seeing as ellie is the sweatiest little person i know. now if they would just play some family appropriate commercials during the show. there was a super sexy ad for gucci guilty right in the middle of madeline time and i was more than bugged. it is worse than the hot pockets ads that play during the pilates workout shows. little secret, hulu: we're not your target audience - and it really isn't appreciated.


Saimi said...

Cutest campsite ever! And very cozy looking! Glad Ellie is feeling better.

my word verification is 'restingn'HA
Kinda goes along with your camping.

Kathleen said...

i agree completely, those are terrible commercials.

Madalyn said...

O the camp out look like fun, but I can imagine that's it's not. That's funny about those commercials. Well I laugh now but I guess if I were the one sitting there with my baby it wouldn't be very funny at all!