Thursday, August 19


for a couple of weeks now, ellie has been acting like a ravenous, starving animal. she grabs food from my hands, tries to inhale anything that looks remotely interesting and cries when i am eating and she is not. i had tried to let her pretend to eat with spoons and cups while sitting in her high chair, but it just wasn't enough anymore. she has also been waking up at night just dying to eat.

last night ellie tried her first helping of rice cereal.  here she is, gettin' excited about dinner:

and a bite:

she ate the whole thing very quickly and complained if i paused too long to take pictures. in the end, she just sat very still and stared out the window, looking as dazed as most people look after thanksgiving dinner.
i think food totally blew her mind.

and, if you haven't had enough yet (and i don't blame you if you have had enough)
here are three short videos documenting our journey:


Deanna said...

It sounds like she is in for a growth spurt!

Saimi said...

That last video had me cracking up! I loved how she's full but the minute you mention food, she perks up again!

She's my kind of girl!!

Kristina P. said...

Haha, she is so stinking adorable!

erynn louise said...

haha that totally made my day! she is so stinkin' cute! i can't believe how much personality she has!!! we miss you guys!

Just SO said...

Oh my word. I was cracking up at that last video! I love it. She is so cute. Love it!!

Madalyn said...

SO SO cute, and I'm not goona lie, she's making me a tad bit baby hungry.

pefblog said...

Thank you for posting the videos. They made my day brighter. Ellie is such a happy girl because she has such a great Mom!