Monday, August 9

a few bazillion more pictures.

(the old asian buffet, eating sunglasses at the airport, hammin' it up with daddy)

(dad finishing his ice cream alone so he doesn't get in trouble with the asians, our fortunes, 
aunt julie bazzle, gramma holding a squirmy girl)

(out the window while driving the alpine loop, del taco fish tacos finally!, the view from our old apartment complex)

(with soon-to-be-daddy-himself eric)

(daylight donuts - nuff said)

(the old barn)

(two babes with sunglasses, the sunset at the weenie roast, tatum the sheep whisperer, 
mt. mahogany from the pasture, angels in the dugout, another sunset in pleasant grove)

(playing in the rain with grampa

(playing at the atlanta airport, being loved by the boys, chewing some doritos,
the aunts and one great-aunt trying to make ellie smile for the camera, a lipstick kiss on the forehead)

okay, okay. 
had about all you can take? sorry. i think there is just one more installment left.
then i'll give you a break. promise.


Madalyn said...

NO! No breaks, I love all these pic's!

Saimi said...

I still say she looks like Grandpa!
Love the pictures!

David & Ann said...

don't apologize for the pictures- they are wonderful!!