Friday, August 13


it was my birthday yesterday. 

ellie was wonderful. she wrapped herself up like a present (with me watching to prevent any strangulation, of course, so don't think i'm awful) and played nicely all day. even though she wouldn't nap, she sat content in her swing so i could shower.

i was also part of this adorable naptime. picture me, right in the middle:
(oh, and yes, ellie's new favorite toy is her toothbrush. i think that's a good sign?)

when daddy got home, we all went out and i got some cute stones for the necklace i'm slowly putting together (and have been working on since mother's day). i had the letter already - for fowler, of course! i got an amethyst for ellie, a garnet for daddy and a moonstone to match my engagement ring. i still need to find the right peridot for me. oh, and a chain. i spent too much time in one store though. i have to go visit my other favorite shop downtown later. maybe this afternoon? 

judge even left me a present when i got up yesterday. and two more today. he shouldn't have. he really, really shouldn't have. 

the only bad part was trying to come up with a birthday-worthy treat that did not include chocolate. i quickly made a no bake cheesecake with blueberry topping. it was pretty good. i think i might try a better planned confection later this weekend.

oh, and the stars even fell for me. did you know the perseid meteor shower is always on my birthday? i know, right?!

anyway, 24 is sofarsogoooooood.
now i might need some birthday cheesecake for breakfast/lunch. or one piece for each meal?


Scaliwag said...

Happy Birthday sister :) i love you
I'm so glad you had a wonderful day.

Saimi said...

Happy Birthday! My son is going to be 24 in October...I wish he had a Ellie to unwrap!

Your birthday sounds perfect, it's good to be spoiled!

Saimi said...

By the way, I love your new header it's so bright and pretty!

Kristina P. said...

No chocolate? You must rectify that immediately!

Happy belated birthday!

Tom and Juli said...

Awww. Happy birthday! I'm glad it was a good one!

Brynn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! oh man, i remember when you turned 21 whilst we were all working at the deli and THAT was a monumentous occasion. :) LOVE the necklace. so pretty. and i LOVE your vacay pics. blasty blast indeed.

Madalyn said...

Happy belated birthday! That naptime picture is so precious. I also really like that necklace that you're making, the colors look good together.

Just SO said...

Happy Late Birthday my cute niece! Sounds like it was a good day...except for the presents from Judge.