Wednesday, August 25



what counts as "the first word" anyway?
the first time she repeats me on purpose
or the first time she says it and knows what it means?


Saimi said...

Oh my gosh!!! At six months? She is amazing, you have one very smart little girl on your hands!!

Great job Mama!!

We Three Zweigs said...

I just watched this video with Atticus sitting by my side and he got very excited hearing someone speak his languae of mamamama's and babababa's, etc. I think we have a love connection on our hands.

Kristina P. said...

She is clearly a genius.

Madalyn said...

I always consider the first word as when they say something for a reason and that they know it has meaning behind. I can't belive her, she's tring to hard to get those words out!

erynn louise said...

i can't believe her either!? 6 months and she can copy what you say. you can tell she understands you and all the encouragement you give her!! she's got your smarts, just like you could spell alligator in first grade! she definately takes after her mother. :)

pefblog said...

OK, this one made me cry! I'm soooooo glad that you caught this on video!