Tuesday, August 17


jailbird! and her eyes look a little creepy here ...

we have a very restless baby on our hands these days. she prefers sleeping in my armpit, when she does sleep at all. some nights (and afternoons) i spend hours bouncing and rocking an extremely tired baby to sleep and the minute she hits the mattress her eyes fly open. how dare i put her in her bed!

somehow, after all that work, when ellie finally falls asleep my body just won't. i think my brain figures that i'll just be getting up in a few minutes anyway, so why bother? anyway, i'm just hoping i can get some reading done or something. if ellie won't let me read i just end up watching every show on hulu, which usually includes all of the terrible abc family shows. depressing, i know.

i'll give her this: so long as i hold her or cuddle her, she doesn't make a huge fuss when she stays up all night. she mostly smiles and plays quietly (that is if i do not put her down, even for a second). i mean, she could be screaming nonstop, right?

i'm considering going back on the juice. and by juice i mean caffeine. nothing extreme, but maybe if she gets a little wired during the day she'll crash at night? at least i won't have a constant headache.

she doesn't want to miss one minute of life. she also wants to suck on the tags of all her toys. i don't know?


Kristina P. said...

Her eyes are so beautiful!

Saimi said...

She's just bursting with personality! Did I mention that I love your header?