Tuesday, August 24

six months.

eleanor has been around for half a year!
um, what?! 
i remember seeing six month babies when ellie was born and thinking that they were so big and developed and i just couldn't picture my baby growing so much. now my six month baby is that baby!

on february 22, she was 7 lbs 7 oz and 18 1/2 inches. now, she's working on 17 lbs and 25 inches (approximately - we have our appointment later next week). she's strong and healthy and beautiful.

 (she even looks blurry in person)

she has perfected the army crawl and can get around fast, especially if she spots an exciting forbidden object on the floor. if you put her on a floor full of toys, she'll crawl past them to get to the one permanent marker in the room. yes, trouble. she uses most of her energy scooting to me or daddy or judge and just hangs on to us. she can sit up okay, but hasn't quite perfected her balance. she doesn't sit still long enough to really be good at it yet. she loves to stand up and wants help doing it all the time. 

she has two teeth! she's eating cereal! i can't believe how grown up she is. she loves food. when we're eating, she makes "num, num, num" noises with her mouth to let us know she wants some, too. she wants to do pretty much anything we're doing - writing, talking, singing, cooking, laughing, typing ... in fact, she just grabbed the keyboard and somehow posted this post before it was finished. i had to delete it and transfer everything to a new one.

she's getting a little more hair, but it is really light. she makes some great expressions and i can usually tell how she's feeling with one look. scared, surprised, frustrated, mischievous, bored - she can blow through ten emotions in ten seconds. 

her favorite song is old macdonald - not sure why. i think she enjoys watching us scramble to think of more crazy animal noises to make. no other song has the same power. as soon as we start with "oooooold ..." she stops screaming immediately. weird.

she also likes:

being held
"helping" me do things
making messes
crinkly stuff
going naked
daddy hugs and kisses
her friend in the mirror
being in the kitchen
eating technology
being loud
smiling at strangers
finding yucky stuff
banging on anything
trying new things
mommy's hair

(this is her new quilt, pieced by my mother-in-law's grandmother and sewn by her cousin. it's beautiful.)

she dislikes:

the vacuum
getting stuck
falling asleep and staying asleep 
not being able to wiggle
not being involved
tummy gas

she definitely keeps us busy. in fact, i need to go stop her from eating the plug on the vacuum cleaner (she only gets scared when it is on).

boy, we love our little girl.


Rachelle said...

what a sweetie! she grow soo fast don't they! she's a pretty little girl.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Get out... is she truly six months old already! Whoa! That was fast!
And she is adorable as ever!!

Kristina P. said...

She is such a sweet, happy baby!

Saimi said...

February 22, that's the husband and my anniversary! What a great post and as you can tell, that little gal of yours is going to be one super blogger!

She is so beautiful and I laughed when you mentioned she dislikes falling asleep and staying asleep. She just doesn't want to waste a single minute of life. There's too much to explore!

Tom and Juli said...

Arvilla was on my lap while I was reading this and she thought that the baby in the pictures was her. lol.

Happy 6 Months little girl!

Joey Rachel & Avery said...

She's beautiful, HAPPY 6 MONTHS Ellie!

Anonymous said...

i'm with UM WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?? wasn't she just born?? i love her quilt tho it is beautiful!