Wednesday, May 26

wedding weekend.

it has taken me a while to get back on track. we had a crazy weekend. crazy fun!

my brother-in-law finally married his sweet lady after what is possibly one of the longest mormon engagements ever: 9 months. and they dated for a year before that!

unfortunately it was literally crazy, so i didn't get the pictures i wanted to get.

on thursday night, family flew into town from utah and we headed up to my in-law's house to have some dinner and party before the big day. we only decided about thirty minutes before we left that we were going to spend the night. luckily, i had packed ellie's stuff for the next day and i had seriously overpacked at that. that meant i had to get myself and the dog (and, okay, a few extra baby things) and evacuate the house in half an hour. needless to say, i forgot the camera.

on friday morning we left around ten-thirty for the drive to south carolina. we rode up in a van - mom and dad, uncle johnny, aunt lauren ann, and daddy and i on either side of the car seat in the back. it was ... an adventure, to say the least. they're renovating the atlanta temple, so columbia is closest. it is one brutal drive, due to construction on I85. by construction i mean that, for a leg of the journey, 85 southbound does not exist. we got to the temple just in time at four in the afternoon, everyone went in and we played outside with ellie and the cousins who weren't old enough to go in, then we took some pictures and left. i think it was worth the drive to see their happy faces ... but not something i want to do again any time soon. on the way home we had to take a very, very long and out of the way side road through some small towns. the homes were gorgeous, but it got old quick.

ellie was arguably the best passenger of the day. she slept almost the whole time, ate when we stopped, and only cried once. we changed her diaper and she was good to go again. it probably helped that she got to play with mommy and daddy in the backseat, though. we loved it.

we got home late saturday and slept in before heading back up to the atlanta area for the reception. it was gorgeous. i got a couple of pictures there:

and then i got caught up in the baby-wrangling and partying. it was a gorgeous night and everything was just perfect. my resolution is to get over my fear of being the annoying person with a camera and just take pictures. i want to remember this stuff!

ellie had finally given up her sweet reputation by the time the reception was winding down and we headed home. somewhere between the party and our car we lost her very last pacifier. thinking she would calm down as soon as we got going, we started the hour and a half drive .... only to end up singing to a screaming baby for forty-five minutes before she finally fell asleep. poor party girl.

we spent sunday sleeping and recovering our wits.

the really great thing is this:
ellie has pretty much slept through the night ever since our stay at the in-laws.

shhhhhh. don't jinx it.

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Wonder Woman said...

Do you feed Ellie a bottle at night? Aubrey's been sleeping 10-11 hours at night for a few weeks now, and I really think it's because of the formula.

Isn't it AMAZING to get more than 4 hours in a row?!?!?