Tuesday, May 18


i've been having a rough little while. well, mostly i've just been rough on myself. let's face it, i'm a stress case. if i try not to get stressed out emotionally, my body just decides to stress itself out physically and i fall apart. yeah, yeah, i'm working on it.

anyway, after reading a few blogs by moms who have a lot more stress and realizing that they are doing okay, i felt a little better.

and then i saw this video on facebook. click on it. you'll smile.

i'm totally serious when i say that i want to start my days like she does. i think i really will try it.
(i especially like that a screaming baby doesn't interrupt her affirmations.)

in other news, ellie's been hanging out in her bumbo.
it's pretty cute, even though all she does is sit.

do you like how she's found a way to pretty much suck on the pacifier and her thumb at the same time? what a greedy little genius.
she has her cake and eats it, too.


Saimi said...

That video is great! I was totally laughing and seriously need to start my day with the same song!

I'll save liking the hair until after Friday though!

erynn louise said...

that video was so cute!!! maybe we should all start our days like that. dancing on the bathroom counter and all! but don't stress out too much. you are amazing and you can do anything!

Kelly and Sara said...

So cute! Hope you are having a great week! Just found your blog, check us out and follow us at:


Rachelle said...

oh so cute! i need to do some affirmations in the mornings!!! hope you are feeling better. we all have days like that - i had one today - and then i jumped on your blog and it made me smile. what a cute picture!!!

Tom and Juli said...

That video is so funny. Thanks for sharing. Ellie is too cute in her bumbo. We had to give Clark's back to its original owners sine their little guy is big enough to sit in one now and we miss it.. even though he can sit up on his own. Dinner isn't the same without him as our centerpiece.

Just SO said...

I'm sorry about the stress! Take it easy on yourself.

I like my computer. I like my niece. I like to read your blog.

Love that video.