Friday, May 14

trouble with a capital T.

my friend lauren sent this outfit with a note that said "i know she's a girl, but i couldn't resist!"
neither could i, and daddy loves the dinosaurs.

we're seeing the first signs of trouble here at our house:

smiling after she makes a big mess
getting grumpy when she can't seem to fall asleep
shrieking when she doesn't get her way
arching her back when she wants someone to pick her up
kicking and thrashing and pouting

and somehow none of these tantrums happen when we're out.
i guess she loves the public eye.

she sure can be a little godzilla when we get home, though.


Just SO said...

Oh my! I love it and her! So stinkin' cute.

Kristina P. said...

That is seriously adorable.

Saimi said...

Sugar and spice! Looks like she has being a girl covered. Not to mention how adorable she is!!