Thursday, May 20

3 months.

eleanor will be three months old on saturday.
i wanted to get this in before our weekend gets extremely crazy with the wedding!

she loves music and noise. in fact, we recently went to a party and she slept through a dozen rowdy kids (post-cupcakes). she's finally starting to sleep at night. notice that i didn't say through the night, but she is getting much better. she's figured out that the night is for sleeping, anyway. that, however, means that she doesn't nap as much during the day. she has been wiggling and cooing instead. she rolled over this morning! it was on the bed, so i have to make her do it on the floor now. she likes her swing and the bumbo, but she also arches her back when she wants to get out. she knows i'll come pick her up before she flings herself out of her seat. she's teething. she's grumpy. she has progressed from the newborn mewing to full-on screaming (and boy, is she good at it). she has also discovered her toys - she has started grabbing on to them. she also grabs her pacifier and tries to put it back in her mouth herself. she's still perfecting that one.

she has so much personality.
these pictures are in order - i just went snap, snap, snap.
check out the attitude:

ellie likes:

standing up (with help from mom and dad)
car rides
holding her head up
riding in her baby carrier
going to the store
kicking her legs
telling jokes and singing with mommy
flying up high with daddy
cuddling with mommy and judge
picking out clothes
grabbing anything (especially mommy's hair)

she dislikes:

sore gums
sore bums
being too tired to fall asleep
getting really scared
waking up from a good nap
losing her pacifier when she's half asleep

beanie, we love you.


Samantha said...

What a cutie!!

{davis family} said...

Oh my heck!!! She is so so cute! I wanna kiss those cheeks! And her pics of her posing are hilarious..such a cute girl!

Deanna said...

She is such a pretty baby!

We Are Three said...

Is it okay that I sort of want to press Atticus' cheeks against Ellie's? I think it would sort of be like a cute sandwich and no one would be able to handle all the adorableness.