Monday, May 3

she's showing all the signs ...

of teething.

snotty nose? check.
and this girl has never, ever had so much as a trickle out of her nose in her whole 2.5 months.

moving her mouth like she is trying to chew on a sour balloon? check.
her poor eyes asking "ugh, why?"

constantly trying to gnaw on anything she can? check.
those soggy, soggy fists.

low grade fever? check.
at least, i'm pretty sure. it's hard to get an armpit temperature from a wiggler.

drooooool? check.
and the coughing that comes with the extra spit in her throat.

whining while eating because the sucking hurts her gums? check.
and she pretty much just munches on the pacifier.

irritability? check, check, check.
poor girl. i don't blame her.

then again, maybe i'm just paranoid.
i have tried to feel for a tooth but she won't hold still long enough to let me.


we can't wait for daddy to come home.
we're stuck without a car and our baby medicine has been recalled.
looks like mommy is going to be holding grumpywigglebaby non-stop for the next few hours at least.


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Sorry! Teething time can be tough! My boys always got the runs and really bad diaper rashes.
So not cool.

the fowlers said...

maybe that's why her bottom has been so raw that she gasps when i change her! aw, sad.

Kristina P. said...

Oh, poor girl! I'm so glad we don't remember teething.

Madalyn said...

Poor baby, and mama! I'm sorry. I hope she gets feeling better for the sake of your sanity and the pain she's probably feeling!

Saimi said...

Poor baby, let's hope those teeth come in soon so everyone can get some relief!

Thanks for your comment on my post today it really touched me!

Just SO said...

You need to get some baby Anbesol. Poor thing. Jona got his teeth really early as well. No fun.