Monday, February 3

corn festival(s) part two.

so this actually happened several months ago. but i did put out the first part and i really, really love these pictures and loved our time there so i had to post the second part. i guess you can think of it as the long-awaited sequel?

(see the first part of our corn festival adventure here.)

at the beginning of the school year some other moms and i put together a little co-op preschool (joy school curriculum, the same i did when i was her age!) for ellie and her friends. it has honestly been so much fun and i wish we could do even more. sometimes poppy and i drop ellie off and get to have a little alone time, which has been great. every time poppy gets a chance to participate, she has the best time. she thinks she is the same age as all of ellie's friends and she loves to feel like a big kid.

 (all the girls, plus poppy, and our only boy off to the side. 
i am so in love with this picture. all these sweet kids learning about the world together.)

anyway, we took the group on a field trip to the pumpkin patch back in october and it was, as usual, so much fun - despite the rainy, gloomy day. it was just as fun the second time around because we got to do completely different things that we didn't have a chance to do the first time. we learned about pollination and how pumpkins grow, picked our own tiny pumpkins, and played so hard. they are all really smart, fun, good kids and i love that ellie has such wonderful little friends.

here are some pictures from our day:

(dear santa, we want one of these for the backyard!)

 we just had school at our house on friday and it was so much fun. 
while we were getting ready for everyone to come, we had a little exchange that i have to share. 

me: "ellie, you have to finish your cereal. your friends will be here soon!"
poppy: "ellie, your friends will be here soon!"
ellie: "poppy, they can be your friends, too. they can be our friends! we can share friends!" 
poppy: "okay!"

my heart almost burst. seriously. and the thing is that they are all so sweet to poppy. they don't even treat her like the annoying little sister (that she can sometimes be).

love all these kids.

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