Thursday, February 6

some more quotes: ellie.

i have a lot of quotes to catch up on. we'll start with ellie. 
some of these are months old, but i want to remember them, and i hope you enjoy them, too. 

ellie is finally old enough for primary at church! she's a sunbeam, and, yes, those pictures above are the best pictures i could get on her first day. she was too excited to hold still. or be serious. she loves it, and because i've been helping out in primary for years, i love it. she finally gets to have all the fun with us. she has learned so much already and loves to talk about the things she learns.

however, i'm not always sure what she learned or made up. for instance...
on the way home from church last week, she said:
"Jesus threw a big fireball at the earth and that's how all the dinosaurs died."

well, it could be true?

moving on to more random quotes.

ellie: "mommy, can you get out?"
me: "why?"
ellie: "because you're wrecking our playtime."

 "writing emails"

"i'm not dumb! i'm funny and silly!" (the girl knows how to deal with teasing, that's for sure.)

ellie went to the park with her school friends and rode in another mom's van. when she got in, she sniffed around and said "well, my van smells like fresh bacon!"

we were having a long conversation about life and death, what happens to your body when you die, etc. (i know, she's only almost-four but seriously. she wants to talk about this stuff.) so then she started talking about God and Jesus and then we talked about how Jesus died. then how Jesus came back to life. and, as ellie says, "yeah, 'cause that's how Jesus does." 

i made quinoa the other day and she actually tried it and actually liked it. 
"mommy, what IS this yummy stuff you made?"
"can i have more of this vegetable oatmeal?"

 she made a beach on a cold, cold day.

daddy was teasing her.
her response: "stop saying mean things to kids who are just walking around!"

there is a song on the movie "pocohontas" that goes "savages! savages!"
instead, ellie was singing "sandwiches! sandwiches!"

talking to a pretend boy: "hi, it's me, ellie. i'm all grown up now (hee hee hee)."

daddy was talking about "dealing with adults" at work all day, then ellie piped up:
"i'm just dealing with an adult who is being pretty mean right now." (him)

that's all for today, but i'm sure i'll be back with more. i can't even keep up with the stuff this girl says.

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Kira Dee said...

Lisas little girl use to sing "sandwiches! Sandwiches!" too! Clearly Disney is at fault here ;)