Friday, February 7

some more quotes: poppy.

now for poppy, who is talking so much lately! so so much!

as some of you know, when ellie first started talking she named her special baby doll without any prompting or help. the name was "anoggaday" and that baby has always been anoggaday ever since. we got poppy the exact same kind of baby doll for her own (because you can't have just one of anything with two girls), and a few months back poppy finally named her baby, too. the name she has chosen: " teenahnah." and it's the same as it was with anoggaday, she has been called teenahnah ever since. she also picked a name for her new christmas doll: "belinda" (her pronunciation "baywinda").

she makes a lot of her own theme music and plays out very dramatic scenes. "nuhnuhNUHHHH!"
she says things like
"no, don't do dis!"
"who are you?!"
"no, not my baby!"
"mudder, no!"
"i'm da queen!"
she loves to do the scene where mufasa falls into the gorge during the stampede, and it's hilarious. "'car (scar), don't do dis!" "nooooooooo!" "help! somebody! anybody!"

she can be super girly and she loves makeup. the other day i took her on an errand to a big beauty supply store (without even thinking about how much she would like it). we walked in and she yelled "make up! make up!" and ran straight to that section. she even tried on a little eyeshadow (all over her face). the girls at the counter complimented her and she just batted her eyelashes and looked smug like, "yeah, i know."

she loves to brush my hair (and she really wishes she had longer hair). the other day i cut some bangs and when she saw it, she said, "hair diffwent!" and i asked if she liked it, to which she responded, "no. don't wike it. don't wike it." it's probably because her favorite thing used to be brushing my hair down over my eyes and fluffing it.

she still uses her very quiet voice a lot of the time, especially when she's just talking normally. the other day she came in and kept trying to tell me something. i couldn't hear her and kept asking her to repeat it until finally i had to put my ear in her face. she said softly: "avocados are good."

she's right smack in the middle of the "no" phase, except she takes it to the extreme. 

me: "poppy, get down from there!"
poppy: "no, i won't! never!"

me: "poppy, you need to sit down and eat your lunch."
poppy: "NEVER!"

and so on.

we are phasing out naptime, but sometimes she just drops wherever she is.

so, in general, she's very dramatic. it's not always bad.
before i leave the house without her, she gets right in my face and says sadly, "mom. wait. don't go. don't leave. mom. don't leave." it's heartbreaking.
but when i get home or pick her up from somewhere, she acts like we haven't seen each other in years and it's the best. "moooooooom! it's you! you're here! you came back!" complete with tight hugs and a million kisses all over. 

the other day i went to get her from nursery at church. she was busy reading a book, but when she saw me come in her face lit up, she said, "MOM!" and tossed the book behind her. it made me feel like a million bucks. 

she's really, really good at making people feel special. 
love her. 


Kathleen said...

I love reading all of your blog posts and hearing about your sweet girls

Chantal Marie said...

Avocados are good. Just saying.