Wednesday, June 27

i guess i'll relax when i'm dead.

poppy has been pulling up on everything lately.

she has popped up from sitting to standing without support a couple of times, just to fall right back down. she cruises around a little. she prefers not to sit at all if she can help it. she is pretty good at crawling on all fours. i thought maybe she would be a little more laid back than ellie, but nope. she's maybe more wiggly..
at least they are independent.
they are both content playing with toys in their room as i type this. :)

(woke up from naps and ellie was sharing her love of pacifiers. she was trying to get poppy addicted. bad influence!)

yesterday i was overwhelmed by the thought that
i will never be able to fully relax again for the rest of my life.
i mean, i think i had jokingly thought about it before but it finally hit me that i will never, ever be able to relax ever again.
why? because i will be thinking about them. whether they are happy, hungry, cold, clean, etc, etc.
even when i'm a hundred years old (and between genetics and modern medicine, i wouldn't be at all surprised if that happened).
i just need to try and stay relaxed enough to keep my brain from exploding. 

"it's going to be a long life," the husband said to me.
yep. sorry.

(don't think for one second that poppy is defenseless. she wrestles ellie to the ground, puts all her weight on her and pulls her hair. she's scrappy.)

on father's day, poppy figured out how to stand in the crib (with some help from her sister).
i couldn't stop taking pictures.
and movies.
and laughing.

video overload!
they are so funny. no words or film can even capture it.

these girls love each other. they love me. i love them.

but i still need a vacation. :)
(they are invited.)

p.s. - poppy fell asleep like this in her crib that day. hahahaha. 


O'Connor Famiglia said...

your girls are too funny! You keep making me think that (maybe) girls are just that much more fun than boys. I've never seen poppy in person--but she seems like she is growing so fast! I can't believe how big she seems next to ellie. Great pictures and videos--as usual!

Erynn said...

so i am pretty sure addie wore that exact same outfit yesterday!! oh and addie watched those clips of poppy with me and started squealing back like she was trying to talk to ellie and poppy! such pretty girls!

Linds and Allen said...

A wise person once told me that if you take you take your kids to th beach its like traveling for work, new venue and there will likely be some new fun had, but the work still has to be done. Vacations occur when kids are left at grandma's (and maybe husbands can get left there too ;)). good luck on getting a vacation soon!