Tuesday, June 5


why this blog has been neglected, a list of excuses:

- i have two babies.
- my computer is slooooow.
- i usually get on the internet on my phone, while nursing, so i don't do anything but look.
- it is summertime.
- we hate to be in the house.
- i have two very active babies. 
- my children refuse to sleep at the same time.
- my giant infant loves to eat. like, three-meals-a-night love.
- teething.
- the terrible (terribly sassy) twos.
- i'm not getting paid to do this.
- instagram. fills the void.
- did i mention that i have two babies (and sometimes i borrow another one)?

maybe some moms can do it all - blog, take beautiful pictures, make crafts, cook dinner, have a house so clean that pictures of it aren't embarrassing, homeschool, breastfeed... etc.
no offense to anyone who does do it all.
in fact, you go!
but i can't and won't.
when it comes down to blogging vs. watching poppy pull herself up on a box or singing songs with ellie, you know what wins.

that doesn't mean you should count us out!
just don't count on us being updating every day.
i am scheduling some posts for the next couple of weeks and i may add some extras in here or there. 

(oh, and i have been reading blogs but not commenting much. sorry.)




Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

oh I cant wait to have another little one for my ellie to play with! it looks like they have so much fun together

pefblog said...

You're doing GREAT!!!

Ash said...

If I had such fun play friends/an Ellie to wrangle, I would not be on the internet much either. They just get cuter and cuter. I'm glad you post so many photos on facebook.

Saimi said...

How can anyone argue with that! You're such a good mommy and It's plain to see by the contents of your shopping cart why you've been so busy, I mean just look at all those diapers!

Rachelle said...

you always make me smile!! you are right where you should be. and girl, i get it. the terrible twos are a tough cookie to swallow. i thought everyone was full of it - until about 2 1/2 - and now i frequently lose my mind on a weekly basis. my husband is not a fan. haha. at least he understands. you are the cutest mom! hope you are well. (oh, and this is rachelle from "the butterfly chronicles" - i changed my blog again. haha. party of being crazy all the time. :)