Wednesday, June 13

quotes, part I

i had to write down some ellie quotes.
(and we had a little lizard stowaway on our bedtime walk the other day, so pictures. we played with him for about ten minutes.)

warning!! some of them are a little naughty.

(not really bad, but just don't judge my parenting here.)
(it's not that i encourage her to say these things (i don't!), it's just that i want to remember, even if they aren't things i wanted her to say.)
(also, she is going through a really saucy phase. ugh. you'll see.)

daddy: "tale as old as time..."
ellie: "NO! tale NOT as old as time!!"

after the girl at sonic at the drive-thru brought us our drink and tots:
"that was nice of her!"

mocking two teenage girls:
"aw, how sweet! they colorin' together."

she goes into her tent:
"i going in my office now."

watching a show about dinosaur poop:
"i poop everywhere, too!"

fell over while pushing her stroller:
"oh. that wasn't very good."

me: "ellie, tell me a joke."
ellie: "poooooop. faaaaaaarrrttt."

when i told her she needed to put her shoes on:
"mama, i not playin' dis game with you."

calls bert and ernie "bert and ert"

after daddy shut her out of the garage:
"da-- it, dada."

while reading bedtime stories:
"mama, you yawn. you need put on your princess jammies and get in bed."

me: "do you want to try cinnamon sugar toast?"
ellie: "how about peanut butter sugar toast?"

started typing them out and there are just too many.
stay tuned for the next installment,
but i've also included a little video from our lizard encounter so you can hear her sweet little voice (and see poppy grin and wiggle).


O'Connor Famiglia said...

Bradie, you have one of the funniest blogs I have ever read. I sit here and laugh out loud to myself as I imagine the things Ellie says and all of poppy's adventures. I love to hear the stories! So keep them coming! ; ) I just can't believe how big Ellie is getting-- she looks like a little girl and not a baby anymore!

Ann Taylor said...

bahahahahaha, I love that "I'm not playin this game!"- today I shook my finger at Jonathan (have no idea why because it's never effective) and I said be nice (he had little friends over and he kept stealing their passies) and he looked at me, smiled, then pointed his finger at me then said "ba nass, ba nass"
I love babies!

Saimi said...

Oh that Ellie girl, seriously she just cracks me up!!

Ash said...

I just cried I was laughing so hard. Oh she is so funny. And she is definitely Jimmy's kid.

Ash said...

Not that you're not funny too! Because you are! Just all the poop and fart references sound like him. You know what I mean...

Erynn said...

love it!

Linds and Allen said...

Best mid day/ nap time reading I've had in a while.