Friday, June 15

quotes, part II (and a happy father's day!)

more quotes. some slightly naughty. all for remembrance's sake.

(also, you may notice a theme. whenever we say things, she likes to say "no! it not!" to cause drama.)

at the natural history "museum" (annex) (where these pictures were taken).
me: "ellie, look! that's a manatee skull."
ellie: "poppy, you thinkin' 'bout da manatee?"

talking about our family.
me: "daddy and i are married. we're in love."
ellie: "NO! you not!!"
me: "and you're my daughter."
ellie: "i not your daughter!!!"

made up a song:
"i love banana bread! i love banana bread! i loooooove banana bread!"

accusing me of things:
"mama, you don't pee-pee on my car!"

on poppy: 
"poppy eat ellie stuff and pull ellie hair. she crawl around and spit everything. she spit on mommy and poppy and ellie."

randomly, and we still don't know where she heard this one: 
"daddy, i gonna smash your nuths!"

singing to herself: 
"we all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine,
in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

calls brachiosaurus "broccoli-saurus"

more on poppy:
"she like to talk to me. she talk about daddy."

ellie: "where's daddy?"
me: "he's with his friends."
ellie: "no! he not!"
me: "yes. sometimes he needs to spend time being a man."
ellie:  "no! he need to be a daddy again!"

 happy father's day! and happy birthday to my dad!
i'm sure i'll have another post, but just know that when we were at this dinky museum we were wishing we were at the bean!! with you, grampa brad.


Charis said...

Love, love, love your Ellie quotes. I could read them over and over. Keep them coming ;-) She is way too cute!!

Chantal Marie said...

I tell Andrew I'm going to smash his nuths all the time. He never believes me.
Aren't prayers at this age the best? Although AnDee has never said one quite that good she has had a few good ones herself in the past.
Sometimes I wish you guys lived here so Ellie and AnDee could be friends but then I realize that they would probably be the most devilish pair in the history of ever.

Ash said...

I hope this becomes a weekly installment on the blog. It's kind of the best part of my week.

Erin said...

I would love to spend a day with ellie and just chat with her. She makes me laugh right out loud

Linds and Allen said...

If I had any nuths I'd have just laughed them off. Make it a regular installment!