Wednesday, March 17

this season's "must-have"

binki. nuk. paci.

did i mention that she loves her pacifier?
she won't fall asleep without it. sometimes she only sucks on it for ten seconds before drifting off, but she won't close her eyes without it. she tries to put it in her mouth herself. she hugs it while she sleeps.

oh, and not just any pacifier, either. we lost the one they gave us at the hospital and tried to replace it with another brand. she would not have it. i had to go online to find out where to get soothies (target). now i keep a back-up bink in a pocket of the diaper bag. lesson learned.

i'm okay with this attachment. at least it is easily replaced.


HAPPY DAYS said...

my boys were the same way they both loved that one i had to have like 3 cause i wuld always lose them lol i got u 2 a gift. how u doing? she is so cute!!!1

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, cute!
I'm so proud of you for not being afraid of the binky. Seems like so many nursing moms are and I just think? Uh, are you crazy?

Rachelle said...

our baby girl is addicted to this binky. she goes crazy mad if we don't have one to pop in her mouth. we have bought tons of them and are always in a panic looking for them! your baby is adorable.