Tuesday, March 2

one week out of the hospital.

let's start off by explaining the lack of capitalization. i'm typing with one hand because i refuse to stop holding my beautiful child. sorry.

we've been home for a week now, but we spent four of those days checking ellie's bilirubin levels. her tiny heels are all marked up. daddy and i took turns holding her for the pokes. we spent the weekend feeding her as often as she'd eat and playing in the sun. five ounces gained and the jaundice is on its way out the door!

with all the feeding
(and consequent pooping)
i've been pretty tied up.

here's what our little family has been up to this week:

and here's a list of what our little girl likes:

not wearing clothes
saving big poops for fresh diapers
peeing on daddy
being swaddled
pounding on mommy's chest while she eats
her pacifier (but only the kind from the hospital!)
smiling (mostly while pooping)
sleeping on daddy's chest
swinging in the sun
being sniffed by her doggie
jay-z songs
sucking her fingers

she dislikes:

diaper changes
keeping her arms in her sleeves
going to bed
foot pricks

birth story coming, but probably not that interesting.
also, my mom and dad and sister will be here in a matter of hours! hooooooray!


{davis family} said...

aww, makes me tear up! I love her little face, toes, legs..awww. love her. having a baby is the sweetest,greatest thing, and let me tell you..it only gets better each day! she's adorable bradie. SO cute!

Rachael Thomas said...

Aw, I teared up too.. She is sooo cute!

Thomas said...

she's so precious and tiny! btw, lower case suits you... in a good way :)

Tom and Juli said...

Who knew Tom had his own google account? The above comment is from me... Juli. Not Tom. :)

Brynn said...

oh brade... she is so beautiful!! I went through the terrible j as well. She had to stay a whole extra day in the nicu because I kept holding her instead of her baking under the billie lights

I think she'll look more like you than husband... we'll see.

Nick and Emily said...

adorable. absolutely adorable. Isaiah had jaundice too. it's rough. I'm glad you guys got through it. it's not fun. she's so cute. you're going to have a brilliant time with her.

Kira Bundy said...

She's absolutely beautiful! I can't get over what a cute kid she is! Good work!

Linds and Allen said...

She is so cute. I can hardly belive James is a daddy, but he looks like he's getting the hang of it really quick from the pictures. Congrats to you both.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ohhhhhh! She is so cute!!!
I remember the jaundice. My first two had to sleep in what looked like a suitcase with ultra-violet lights, It was horrible. We barely escaped it with my last two. I would literally feed them TONS both nursing and with a bottle, since I don't make a very good cow and produce a lot of milk, and the yellow poop would keep on a comin'!
What to go supermom!

Madalyn said...

That picture of baby and Judge looking out the window together made me smile! How sweet are all those little things! I;m glad you have your family there! I'll bet it will bring a bunch of 'home sweet home' feelings to you. Can't wait to hear the labor story!

Amber said...

She is precious!! Hopefully the family all arrived safely. Let me know if you need any help.

ps.I'm going to bring by a meal next week after your family leaves!

Adam and Abby Boswell said...

Love the pictures. You have a cute little family!

..M.. said...

she is sooooooo beautiful!!!

Just SO said...

Sounds like a wonderful week (well excluding the heel pricks) She's a beauty...just like her mom.

Wonder Woman said...

So sweet! I'm glad she's doing good and you're doing good. Can't wait to hear the deets! And heel pricks are NO FUN. Actually, they weren't too bad. After the initial poke, she just sucked the snot out of her pacifier.

She's beautiful. We almost named our daughter Elliana, and were gonna call her Ellie. I'm a fan of the name. :o)