Wednesday, March 10


grammi and grampa nielsen

obviously, life has been really crazy. my parents and sister came, we toured georgia, ellie was blessed, my parents went home again and life still isn't quite normal. i mean, we can't exactly "go back to normal" with a new baby. we're going to find a new normal. still working on it.

we had a great week with our families. my sister needs to send me some of the 400+ pictures she took because i didn't really get any. i was just so busy trying to squeeze in as much as possible! i think ellie was in someone's arms 99% of the time. we all had a great time.

the grammies


holding ellie
exploring in the backyard
driving through atlanta to get the new rental
pointing at all the attractions
getting good drinks at the quiktrip
realizing that the biggest car they had was a grand marquis
ellie having a blow-out in the airport bathroom
squishing in the grand marquis
holding ellie
blinding ellie with the camera flash
waking up early and playing with ellie
playing in downtown athens
pointing at the double-barreled cannon
walking around uga campus
lunch at the varsity (what'll ya have?!)
driving to stone mountain
freezing at stone mountain
pointing at giant carvings of confederate heroes
holding ellie
playing with judge
going to the flea market
getting a little too much culture at the flea market
driving around in the georgia country
holding ellie
blessing ellie
eating and talking and laughing with family
kissing, hugging, loving ellie

pretty much, we just spent a week being in love with a little girl and enjoying our growing family. it was really great and we can't wait for july, when we're going to visit utah. she has so many people to meet! i already have some outfits picked out.

i'll be posting more pictures as soon as i get them. for now, i'm stealing them from my mother-in-law.

my mom made the dress. don't worry, there is a photo shoot in the works.
excuse my double chin and enjoy eleanor's expression. she makes the best faces.


erynn louise said...

yes i do need to get you pictures!! i have so much to do i can't wait to get it all together. i'd have to say that if i had a list of the best things we did, it would be pretty much the same. love ya and can't wait for july!

Maakoa Mama said...

You look so much like your mama! Its adorable, really! That sounded like a lot of fun. Baby E is so precious. LOVE her blessing dress!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I was going to say as well how much you look like your mom!
Pretty blessing dress! I can't wait to see more pictures!

{davis family} said...

you are such a cute mama. it so fits you! i'm so glad your family got out there, it's so hard being away..i'm sure! you have to get a hold of me if you ever come out this way soon. i want to see this little beauty of yours.

Tom and Juli said...

That last picture is priceless. Glad to hear everything's going so well!

Madalyn said...

That sounds like so much fun! And I heard that she has been making that dress and it is beautiful! again, CONGRTAS!

Just SO said...

WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!!!! You are coming in July????


Can't wait to meet and hold Ellie! She is beautiful. It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.

Rachelle said...

i just love that you are a list too!