Monday, March 29

quack, quack!

guaranteed to brighten your day.

yellow = my worst color. yellow = her best color.

i'm recommitting to blogging, even if it means that some of my posts are just pictures.
also, i have a looooong overdue blog award to pass on. i really can't stop thinking about it!


We Are Three said...

This is adorrrrrrrable. I hope you keep posting pictures! They speak a thousand words you know.

Just SO said...

I love all of these pictures! She's so cute!

Scaliwag said...

Dear Bradie,
i'm going to steal her when you come down in July
she will be MINE hahaha
i love her so much

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness that did brighten my day!! and you can ship her in a little box to me. i'll pick her up at the post office!