Monday, May 4

what's up?

new look.
made it myself.
pretty simple, but i'm kind of a simpleton so whatevs.

i mean, sometimes simple can be pretty dramatic, right?

speaking of which:
hubs says that a lot of people come into his job (home improvement warehouse) after watching too much hgtv and think they are suddenly interior decorators.
they ask him questions like, "do you think this carpet will POP against my walls?"
or "will this give me the WOW factor?"
he wants hgtv to be banned for encouraging those ridiculous terms.

in other news, i'm enjoying my job . . . well, i'm enjoying my discount.
it provides for things such as:

this skirt. hubby says it doesn't make sense.
i think he's confused because it looks like denim, but it isn't denim.
oh, i don't know.


SO said...

Love the new look and the new skirt. Guys don't understand fashion. It's strange.

Piglet de' Erin said...

I think it is so cute! I would wear it.