Sunday, May 31

It's back! It's back!

What is the one and only thing I like about Halo and World of Warcraft?

Mountain Dew Game Fuel exists merely to advertise for them!

That's right, the delicious taste of caffeinated-carbonated-citrus-cherry-corn-syrup is dancing on my tongue for the first time since last summer!

This is how I feel:

Summer. It's here.

PS - I have been wearing one my laziest/most comfortable outfits for a couple of days now.
It's 100% worth it.


SO said...

You crack me up. That is one cute outfit and it looks supremely comfy. I need to find me some pants like that. I had some but they have now been relegated to work/camping pants because they got paint on them and a hole in them :(

Tom and Juli said...

I want caffeine SOOOO bad. Darnit to pregnancy and nursing babies. Someday...someday.