Friday, January 18

poppy the kid.

poppy is growing up so fast.
you definitely need a little update on this kid. 
forgive me if i repeat anything i've already told you about her, i can't remember what i've posted/ told people and i feel like we haven't had a poppy party in a long, long time! 

(she put this ensemble together herself. so proud.)

she's saying more things: 

"apo" for applesauce
"nighnigh" for night-night
"dudge" for judge
"dahdah" for doggie 
"chu chu" when she plays trains
"tka tka" for tickles
"maw!' for kisses
you know, the usuals: banana, baby, milk, etc. 

her voice is pretty low and she usually speaks softly, so sometimes it takes me a while to realize she is saying something. for example, it took a long time for me to notice her train noises because they are so quiet. 

she still loves waving and saying "hi" to everyone, whether she just entered the room or we're out running errands. she also loves shoes ("shhus") and going outside or anywhere - she loves going "bye-bye!" and, again, waving and waving. 

she also picked up a not-so-nice phrase from her sister: "no, my!" which means, "no, mine!" which she says while she's grabbing something away (naturally). 

she'll say "no no!" when she doesn't want me to do something (like put her in bed) and when she's really mad she'll grunt "uh-uh!" and throw something or smack at me. she scrunches up her nose (also picked up from ellie), huffs and puffs and looks down at the ground with a scowl. it's pretty funny except when she actually hurts me. 

oh, and she sings along with the birthday song. happy birthday "haaaaa boooo!" i died when i heard it.

poppy wants to do everything ellie does, which is good and bad. ellie isn't always in the mood to share. when they do play together it is probably the best thing ever and so funny. poppy just tries to join in whatever ellie has going. she loves her babies and kisses them, hugs them, and rocks them in their bed.

she's adventurous like her sister and loves to explore. it's fantastic. if only they didn't like to explore in opposite directions... 

she is not a good sleeper. we're pretty sleep-deprived in this house - three hours at a time is about "normal"  for everyone in the house and it is taking a toll. it's a fight to get the girls to sleep at night. if i see you and i'm zoning out or if i seem like a flake, this might be why! also, if my kids throw tantrums, that might be why! we're usually in a daze around here.

we do have fun with her. she has a happy face most of the time. even when she cries at night, when she sees me come in she jumps up and down in bed with joy. and she's hilarious!! she makes me laugh constantly. she loves long bear hugs. she will come with her arms open and say "up!" and then throw her arms around my neck and hug tight for minutes. she gives lots of sloppy kisses, too, even to the dog. when she wants to cuddle at night she will pat the couch with her hand for you to sit with her and climb up to wait for her snuggles. she gets so excited when daddy comes home and dances around saying "hi dada! hi dada!" until her snuggles her. 

she's also a dancing machine (sorry about the glitchy video, it's the old phone):

we love our precious girl and are so excited to see all the new things she's doing every day. 

you light up our family, penelope. 


Nielsen Family said...

Love this girl!!! we are joining in long distance for the Poppy Party!
Love you guys!

pefblog said...

Thank You! The girls make my heart happy!

Ann Taylor said...

what a sweet face! the last photo with the glasses makes me think that ellie and poppy do have the same kind of face shape! how sweet! It kind of blows my mind to really think of her so mobile and mature- it seems just like yesterday she was banging on the top of a laundry hamper with Jonathan! thank you for the update

Erynn said...

i think we need to have poppy over to play sometime soon! :) she is such a beautiful girl with such a sweet personality. i think she must have taught addie some of her dance moves over skype because addie now loves to dance to the music of that elephant from mom!