Wednesday, January 16


you know, i haven't had any trouble remembering to write 2013 on checks and i haven't forgotten that it is january.
i have, however, gotten a new phone that does almost everything i would normally do on a computer except blog*. i can even read blogs, i just can't easily comment on them. i've just been observing so far this year, i guess.
anyway, that's the story of why my old desktop is getting dusty and why i'm not keeping up very well. (there's also the fact that the minute i even sit near the computer someone comes and smashes the keyboard and/or pulls a permanent marker out of nowhere and runs in the other room.)

happy new year!
how did my first post end up halfway into the month already? ha.

i have so many things to say that are seeming kind of unimportant now and so many pictures that are getting irrelevant (like the ones in this post**)! 

i have a post about each girl ready to go and scheduled for later this week, so let's celebrate that. 

*i have a blogger app but it reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy stinks. or i stink at using it.

**but hey, they're cute, even if they are from christmas eve and christmas eve eve!


Saimi said...

No worries New phones can be a headache, especially when it comes to blogging. I'm still old school and don't have a smart phone, or iPhone or anything fancy but I can text, call, and receive messages, oh and comment on blogs - that i do with my lap top!

Your girls are so dang cute and getting BIG!!!

Ash said...

I feel like instagram is really stealing all the blog thunder (which I don't think is a bad thing). I'm glad I follow you and get tiny little blips about you guys!

And cute pictures of the girls are never irrelevant. ;)