Thursday, January 31


one of our constant goals is to be less of a "tv family" and more of an "active family."
this may not be difficult for some people, but it can be difficult for us. it's especially hard when we're all exhausted because nobody is sleeping and we just can't muster up the energy to do anything and the only way everyone is at least content is to turn something on the TV and relax. which is fine to do sometimes. it is not fine to live around a tv schedule and whatever shows there are to watch.
but i'm not here to talk about a struggle with television addiction (which is a real thing).

i'm here to prove to myself and all of you that we DO STUFF.

so here it is! my adorable kids doing things in the outdoors. "the outdoors" here in georgia have been mercurial lately: temperatures up in the 70s/playing in the park with no jackets, then freezing rain, then days without any sun but warm enough for thunderstorms and tornado watches. we have been taking advantage of good weather whenever we can.

(daddy even went hunting for the first time and got us a whole bunch of deer meat.)

we have plenty more adventures planned, especially since these girls need to be thoroughly worn out on a daily basis.

happy adventuring to you, too.


Ann Taylor said...

amen to the tv struggle- it is REAL! and I don't even have cable- it's a vhs addiction! Jonathan will go up to the shelf, pick a movie and throw a tantrum! We are cutting back- it's just the only way I get things done- like eat food, or clip his nails!
right now we are stuck in a breakfast lurch- he only behaves and eats happily if he does it front of a movie- this became a nasty habit because I got tired of the struggle- but now it's time for round two and I'm determined to break the habit! I just don't know what I'm going to do when I have to nurse Ethan AND feed Jonathan breakfast- ahhh!!!

Chantal Marie said...

Im incredibly jealous of your warm weather! even if it doesnt last forever. Im also jealous of Ellie's super cute hat! Your girls are gorgeous!

Erynn said...

we actually saw the sun today!! and it has been in the double digits for 2 days now. we are loving it! so jealous of your adventuring... we haven't been adventuring for a while now but hope as it warms up we can get out again. also ellie looks so much like you in those pictures! i know i have said it a million times but i have to say it again. love you all.

p.s. addie is in need of releasing some engery too, maybe i will send her your way :)

O'Connor Famiglia said...

I'm hoping and praying that my little man doesn't keep up his all night-all day routine for much longer. It's so hard to do anything when your sleep deprived over a string of days, weeks or months. I know we've pretty much watched anything worth watching on amazon prime at this's really hard to do anything more involved sometimes. But you guys look like you've been very active despite your lack of sleep! I just love your girls- I wish I could squeeze them!

Saimi said...

It's so nice to get out! We finally been having warmer temps with sunny skies! It's amazing what a little sunshine can do!

So what did little Missy do to her head? I see a bandage there.

Love the sleepy girls!