Thursday, January 17

ellie: holiday edition.

just a post about the little things ellie did and said over the holidays.
it's more for me to remember than anything else.

(p.s. - in the banana peel picture she is showing that she made a "T") 

talking about cookie: "poppy, cookie appeared in the sky!"

"let's eat all the raisin blan before daddy does!"

me: "let's see if this bread is dead." (i thought it had a bad case of freezer burn.) 
ellie: "it's not dead! it's just quiet and peaceful."

we have watched a lot of man vs. wild lately, per ellie's request. she sometimes chooses it over cartoons. she loves "the climbing man" and wants to have an adventure, too.  the other day we were outside and she made us a bed of leaves and said, "come on, mom, we have to find mosquitoes and frogs to eat!"
(we are planning some visits to caves and waterfalls soon.)

she loves holiday music. 
some of her favorites:

jingle bells ("jingle all da way!!" sung at the top of her lungs in several public places)
jingle bell rock
santa claus is coming to town (heard jackson five singing it, said "that girl is singing about santa, too!")
away in a manger
winter wonderland (knows most of the words, "gone away is the bluebirddddd!")
sleigh ride (again, knows most of the words, "there's a birthday party at the home of farmer gray")
the twelve days of christmas (but wants to sing "five gooooooooold rings" again and again)
angels we have heard on high ("glooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooria!")

here's a taste with this video (she sings all by herself when the car is going and poppy sings along, too, but when the car stops they both clam up):

during the christmas program at church she saw the husband's aunt going up to play the piano and yelled "hi aunt megan!"
(lately she's been saying hi to everyone, but sometimes she forgets to sound friendly. i have to remind her, because she will yell "hey!" at strangers in a scratchy, scary voice to greet them. not so polite.)

christmas morning: 

me: "merry christmas, ellie!"
ellie: "merry christmas TO YOU, mommy!"

"mommy, get dressed! your mommy milks are sneaking out!" (they weren't, but thanks ellie)

"somebody put candy in my stocking! i think it was santa."

she loved playing with our tiny nativity set (and broke two wise men, which is exactly why i don't have a nicer one). she honestly spent hours moving the pieces around while talking about baby Jesus, his mother and how he was born in a stable and they put him in the manger, where the animals eat. she just absorbs and absorbs and absorbs.

she is a sweets MONSTER and it literally gets her into trouble (sees stitches story below).
she tried to eat a whole box of the abuelita mexican hot chocolate under her bed. i thought i got it all, but she had one more under her bed and ate a brick of pure sugar chocolate. ugh.
another night she snuck out of her bed, army crawled into the kitchen while daddy and i watched a movie, and polished off the remaining half a plate of christmas cookies leaving no trace. not a crumb. i didn't know she did it until i woke up and realized the cookies were gone.

me: "ellie, did you know that tonight is the last night of the year?"
ellie: "yeah! and tomorrow is the first... the first day until another halloween comes!"
she's always thinking about the next score.

and finally, the big story of christmas week: stitches.
i got a pound size reeces for christmas. two half-pound cups. yes. i know.
i was making a nice, big breakfast on thursday after christmas when i realized that it was too quiet in the house. i walked into the front room to find ellie with her hand in the reeces package. she knew she had been spotted, so she grabbed one of the cups and took off at full speed to hide with it. unfortunately she forgot to watch where she was going and she ran smack into the corner where two walls meet.
she flew backward onto the floor and the chocolate went flying, too. (don't worry, poppy snatched it right up and ran off with it as fast as she could... these girls!)
luckily she was right next to the bathroom, so i pulled her in and laid her on the floor to clean up the blood. it didn't bleed for long, so we were able to wait for daddy to come with us to have it fixed.
ellie was so brave and even allowed the doctor to papoose her so that she couldn't wiggle. six stitches later and this girl (and her mommy and daddy) were completely worn out.
hopefully it's a long, long time before we have to do anything like that again.

oh, and she had her second dance class on monday. she loves dancing! she doesn't love waiting for instructions... she just wants to go in the room and move. i'm sure we'll have more on that later.

we love our ellie bean. she's full of life and passion and imagination. she's growing up so quickly! eleanor, we love you!

i haven't forgotten poppy! tomorrow is her day.


Ann Taylor said...

we're glad ellie is no the mend and that it wasn't more serious- and WOW! she took it so well!! thank you for the update!

Erynn said...

what big girl! i feel so bad about her stitches, i just hope we can make it a little longer with out any major injuries with addie. she looks so brave in those pictures. hope she has been a good little patient!