Thursday, December 22

one month!

one month of poppy!

she's such a sweet little girl. 
she's getting big and chunky. 
i love her snuggly little body. 
she makes a lot of squeals and squeaks and likes to have little conversations with me, which is so different from ellie at this age. 
she has this funny little sideways crinkly smile which, of course, is beyond adorable. 
among the dozens of other little nicknames, i call her "toot sweet" and i'm sure you can probably figure out why (hey, i'm trying not to be too embarrassing as a mother). 
she puts up with a lot from her sister, but ellie's only fault is loving her too much. poppy gets more ellie hugs and kisses than we do! 
she loves ellie, too. she listens to ellie talk and likes to be able to see her playing. 

this past month has been a blur - not because poppy doesn't sleep, though. she does a pretty decent job for someone who is only a few weeks old. adjusting to a newborn in the crazy month between thanksgiving and christmas has been rough. i feel a little like rip van winkle, like i've been asleep but the world kept on going. 

one of these days i'll be back in the swing of things. 
or at least i'll be pretty good at faking it. 

miss penelope, we are so happy to watch you grow and change.  
we love you.


Ash said...

I can't believe it's already been a month! She's starting to look like her own little person now.

erynn said...

wow what a little chunk! i want to squish her little checks and squeeze her tight! i love that she and ellie are already best friends. love and miss you guys!! xoxox

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh, she looks like a little Ellie! Now you have two adorable little Missy's!!

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family...and yes even to that Beagle of yours. I bet Judge loves having another face to lick!!