Tuesday, December 13

it's gonna get terrible up in here.

we're hitting the terrible twos early, i'm afraid.

this is why i haven't been posting much. i can't get on the computer without (not-so) helpful little fingers trying to type or some sort of trouble happening behind my back.

why do they call them the terrible twos? for the sake of alliteration? because i think a lot of other words might fit instead: wild, cranky, mischievous, hysterical, demanding, whiny, destructive, and restless... to name a few.

or loud. loud would cover most of it.

despite the fact the my daughter has become a wild thing, she is still a smart and sweet little girl (sometimes).


the other night, she emptied out a basket and pulled it into the front room. she was sitting in it and yelling something that we couldn't understand. "i riding on the arson!" is what it sounded like and she repeated it over and over, because that's what toddlers do: yell until you figure out what in the blankety-blank they are trying to say. finally, she grabbed the sides of the basket and said "whoa! whoa! whoa!" and shook her body and suddenly it clicked.
she was in a boat.
on the ocean.
"yeah! yeah, mommy!"

here's an admission that i am a a horrible human being and mother, she now recognizes both the walmart and the mcdonalds logos. i had some pictures that were printed at walmart and she saw the logo and immediately said "walmart!" and, of course, she spots every mcdonalds that we happen to pass while we are driving. in my defense, she does always want me to read the "abc's" (aka the words) to her whenever she sees writing.

she is always saying funny things. i mean, not just like it's-funny-because-a-little kid-said-it stuff but really funny.
the other day when we were at our appointment weighing poppy (who is now up to 9 lbs 12 oz, that's 6 ounces over the weekend), i said "poppy, are you ready?" which prompted ellie to say "i ready... to go home!"
and when judge ran off in the woods, she stood at the back door yelling, "juuuuuudge! where are youuuuu? come heeeere! we have fooooood! and waaaaaater!"
the way she sounded, i'm not sure if i would come out of the woods either. it sure sounded like a trick to me. (he came back.)

so anyway, when this happened today:

i got upset for a few minutes and thought about giving up on christmas entirely, but instead i whipped out the camera and took pictures of the carnage and then of her in time-out.

and if you're thinking that she took the time to remove all those ornaments from the tree, you're wrong.
she knocked the whole darn thing over.
because she was trying to run from me after i caught her locked in the laundry room, kneading two handfuls of gum.
which she got after hiding in my closet and removing everything from my bag.

this is one reason why we will never have nice things. 

and it all happened in a matter of minutes, while i was trying to get the baby ready so we could go to the park. 

and what is poppy doing while all of this is going on?
sleeping like a little angel.

i'll just have to hang on for those few moments when the stars align and everyone behaves like angels.

those few, few moments.


David and Ann said...

aw- you are not a terrible human- Jon, unless asleep, freaks out the moment the walmart doors slide open, he hates walmart; and now Jon is teething so poppy might be the only angel baby over christmas!

Tom and Juli said...

Hang in there Bradie, I promise it gets better (said as I'm dealing with the same things with Clark). I remember having such a hard time with Arvilla, but then suddenly one day they become old even to understand you, to reason with you, and even though they still might do bad things you are communicating so much better that they don't happen as often.

Oh and my kids know McDonalds and Walmart too. When we pull up to a drive through they will yell "Diet coke, light ice!" haha. I'm not a good example. :(

Ash said...

Oh Ellie. How does one toddler accomplish so many mischievous things so quickly?

I laughed out loud when I read the "I ready... to go home!" She really is funny kid.

Linds and Allen said...

I was just visiting a friend in your same boat (newborn and 2 y/o) and she was telling me she had recently told her husband she came to the realization for the next 10-12 years they were going to have a "crap house" and she was refusing to spend their hard earned $ on nice furniture and decor just so her kids could "crap it up". Her daughter drew marker all over her hardwood floor while I was there- she made her clean it up with a wet wipe and looked and me and said "see what I mean?" So I guess this is life for a while? It does crack me up to think of Ellie hiding in the closet going through your purse for the good stuff :)

erynn said...

i love how much she looks like you... and like me today with the 10 different mood swings i experienced. as for the "never having nice things", well nate's brother richard gave us this advice when we found out we were pregnant: "stop buying any nice right NOW". lol good thing we can ksl and thrift shop it. then it won't be too big a deal when it all gets destroyed.

i do hope that magical "angel" moment happens soon. i'm so happy poppy is a good little baby for you. (the second child is always the best behaved. ;)

love you! xoxoxo

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

If this post makes you a terrible human being, than I doomed forever.

If I say something like, "dang, that's expensive!" My kids will ask,"Is it cheaper at Walmart?"

Ya, I know.

Anyway, everyone talks about the terrible twos, no one tells you about the fearsome threes! :D