Tuesday, November 29

baby weekend.

we're slowly making the transition from a family of three to a family of four. it has been a little more difficult than i expected, but we're getting there. i've been really happy to have husband home for a week to help and spend time hugging and relaxing with our kids. we haven't been doing much of anything at all and it is so, so nice. 

i mean, sure, there has been plenty of poop and screaming (mostly from ellie) and almost zero sleep, but that's okay. there has also been lots of chocolate and cuddling and cherry coke and i'm happy. 

a couple of (phone, sorry) pictures of our lazy life:

a little blur reading by the window.

she and daddy spent some time hunting for rocks in the woods to make a fire ring in the yard. it was probably the highlight of her week.

mama and ellie time - taking pictures of feet...

and dinosaurs...

and ourselves.

and yes, that is chocolate cake on my shirt. we shared a giant slice and watched a dinosaur show while playing with the phone.

little gas smiles all day long.

poppy is so relaxed and sleepy all the time. she's a dream of a baby so far. we have really enjoyed snuggling her, especially since ellie doesn't hold still for anything (she won't even sleep in our bed with us).

we'll be getting back into the swing of things and (gasp!!) starting to get ready for christmas in a few days. it's hard to believe there is another holiday coming up. our baby was our big holiday for this year. christmas is really no big deal to me.

for today, we're going to enjoy having daddy home and we're going to cuddle his brains out. 


Ash said...

Um, could those babies be any cuter? Poppy looks like a good cuddler.

If you need any help in the next coming weeks, both school and all three of my jobs are ending next week. And Miles isn't done till a week after me.

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

She is precious! Glad you get LOTS of cuddle time:)

Michelle+Ellie said...

ooohhh!! she is an angel! i just love her and am so happy for you and your cute family of four:)

erynn said...

i don't think you could make any cuter babies! i love poppy's little smile and tiny little body. love you all! xoxoxo

Nielsen Family said...

what a beautiful family! we love one and all. wish we were there to hold & cuddle & squeeze. Love love