Wednesday, November 9

getting closer.

if you're looking for an update,
we are somewhere between "keeping busy" and "hanging in there."

it will be 39 weeks on saturday.

luckily we have one little girl right here to distract us from the waiting game.

i could do without her running from diaper changes,
but it's all worth it when she tells me "i love you, mama" when i put her in bed at night.


Tom and Juli said...

I am loving her cute hair! She looks a lot different the more it grows in... and is it getting darker too? Way cute!

Ash said...

Look at all that hair!

This waiting must be frustrating and exhausting. If you need someone to wrangle that Ellie and take her to the park, or anything else, just let me know!

Brynn said...

what the--? seriously, i blink and all of a sudden you're about to have a baby. i swear that bobbin' baby was tickin at 86 days left like... yesterday. i can't wait to meet her! via internet! duh.