Friday, November 4


this week i'm thankful for

the end of daylight savings (gosh it is dark outside!)
children's books
the color yellow
ellie songs
hot chocolate
my warm bed
a husband who goes to work before the sun comes up to take care of us
french fries
friends, here and there and everywhere

along with many other things.

here's something cute for your weekend:

i went to get bean out of bed and she had her pants off and her arm out of her sleeve and she was jumping around like crazy. the first thing she says to me?

"where da arm go?"


Ash said...

I'm so glad it's daylight savings this weekend too!

And there are so many happy things right now. Thanks for putting up the ultrasound pics of the new baby. Love her cute button nose.

Saimi said...

"Where da arm go?" That Ellie girl is too cute for words!!

I'm not glad for daylight savings time. Our afternoons have been so wonderful and perfect for horseback riding...I'm sad it's going to get dark sooner!