Saturday, July 11

How I've Been Feeling:

Since some of you wanted to know, I've been feeling pretty well.
I haven't thrown up yet.
I don't have any weird cravings. I just have a problem finding anything I actually want to eat.

So far, everything looks and smells gross to me. The fridge and garbage are the GROSSEST things. Every time I open the fridge I have to hold my breath, so I don't really want to eat anything that came out of it. The husband thinks I'm making this up, but I only want to eat food that somebody else made for me. Even toast looks gross after I'm finished making it. If he makes it, it tastes fine. I can't explain it.

Pretzels and chips and fries taste okay. Anything really salty.
I don't even want candy or soda! That's how bad it is!!

I am taking vitamins and I'm trying to force feed myself, but so far food is 100% BLAH!

It has really only been a couple of weeks like this, so hopefully it is over soon and I'll start eating everything in sight.

Well, I did eat McDonalds and some Reece's Big Cups today. The Reece's Cups have somewhat significant amounts of fiber, protein, iron and calcium! They also have 40% of my daily saturated fat. Whoooops! Don't tell.


Tom and Juli said...

I'm sorry, that first trimester is kind of free game to eat whatever so you can survive because nothing ever sounds good (or stays down in my case). We ate fast food a lot, or would get frozen microwave meals because everything made me barf, even the smell of the oven heating up. Once you start feeling better it's a whole world's difference.

Hang in there, it won't last forever. Tell James you are telling the truth and if he doesn't believe you I'll come beat him up =)

Madalyn :) said...

I was just fine unitl my 2nd tri. and then I didn't want anything unless it was freezer food lol One night CJ made me an awesome huge nice homemade meal and I HAD to turn it down and instead heated up my microwavable burritos ( I still feel bad about that)

Nick and Emily said...

you better tell that hubby of yours that you're not lying at all. food made by others when you are pregnant is a must. and so is salt. so many people tell you to avoid it but so not true. it's what kept my nausea at bay. Good luck with it all and YEAH!!! that's just a little reminder how excited i am for you. YEAH! oop, there's another one.

..M.. said...

aww i am so glad you joined me in the joys of pregnancy:) my first trimester I craved ONLY healthy foods, jucies, etc. and I thought I was going to be an awesome healthy preggo, until second trimester hit. Thats when it all went downhill for me....haha I think ben is sick of buying me ice cream and otter pops. :) love ya!