Wednesday, March 26

& some quotes.

and now
(drumroll please)
for the quotes.
with random pictures, as usual.
i know it's the only reason y'all still read this, to hear the crazy things my kids say. 

poppy is starting to assert her independence, and she likes to pick her clothes and dress herself. if i try to help she says "i need a turn! give me a turn! i do it!" most of the time, if i ask her if she needs help she'll say "i'm fine, mom! i'm fine!" like some kind of fifteen-year-old kid.

ellie gave her first talk in primary. it was about Jesus. we were asking her what she knows about Jesus (a lot) and she told us this fact: "he helps santa claus deliver all the presents on christmas eve!"

we rode in an elevator at the mall, and poppy fell asleep in the car right after we left. when she woke up at home, she must have been having a nightmare about the elevator because she started yelling: "the bumping! the bumping! no no!" and reaching out to hold on to me. poor thing.

ellie: "i don't like t-rexes. they freak me out! they aren't meant to be liked, just like great white sharks aren't meant to be liked."

poppy's latest catchphrase is "whabout me?" (what about me?). she hates being left out. the other day i tried to leave her in the car with daddy while i got a couple of things in the store and she was wailing "whabout me?! whabout me?!" enough to break my heart. when i mentioned that daddy was there with her, she said, "not daddy!" (poor daddy.)

ellie misses her utah family a lot lately (so do the rest of us). some of the things she's said:
"i think we should go spend some time with your family. you know, in utah."
"can we go pick daddy up from work and get on a plane and go to utah?"
"what if we just drive to the airport and get on a plane to utah right now?"

poppy keeps telling everyone she is older than she is. "i'm poppy. i'm six!" and she likes to tell people "my birthday is PINK!" (because she had a pink birthday cake)

after the time change, ellie said: "it's not hard for me to wake up early. i do it every day! i always wake up early!"
she does. ugh. and she wakes poppy up, too. the other morning she told me "i have to go wake poppy up and make our plans for today." poppy wasn't ready to make plans, though, and i found her clutching her blanket and moaning "no, no!" while ellie tried to drag her out of bed.

poppy is very self-aware. we love to tease her. if you say "you're silly!" she always responds with, "i'm not silly! i'm poppy!" and if you try to say that you are poppy... "no! you not poppy, i'm poppy! i'm poppy!" it never gets old.

ellie couldn't sleep the other night, and daddy and i were up watching a movie. she came out of her room and declared "you guys are ruining my dreams!"

ellie: "this is what t-devils do to bones and carcasses. carcasses have bones inside of them."
(she was eating french fries)

we said goodbye to the mullet this month. happy & sad about that.

along with singing frozen songs at the top of their lungs (both of them, and they know most of the words), they often make up their own original songs. some of my favorite lyrics:
"happy birthday to you, our princess! we love you and we care about you!" - ellie
"golden saaaaaandals!" - poppy
a whole song about peanut butter & honey by ellie

oh, and ellie's re-imagined version of "do you want to build a snowman?"
 do you want to build a snowman?
"i do!"
come on let's go and play!
"here i come!"
i never see you anymore, come out the door, it's like you've gone away.
"i'm right here!"
 (kinda changes the entire movie, huh?)

yes, together ellie and poppy act out whole scenes from frozen and i love it so much.
and i guess if you haven't seen frozen, maybe you should. or come on over, we're probably watching it sometime today.


O'Connor Famiglia said...

Oh, I love hearing about your girls! They are so precocious and funny. Thanks for sharing!

Abby Boswell said...
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Aloha_Misty said...

Beautiful Girls! They are growing up so quickly.

Saimi said...

hahaha oh how i've missed your post! Those girls are so dang cute and I just love miss Ellie wakes up Poppy to make a plan for the day! She sounds like my sister! Makes me want to take Poppy and hide her under the covers haha

Sri Sun Metal said...

Beautiful Kids and Images. Thanks for sharing...