Tuesday, March 25

adventure girls.

we haven't been around the internet much because, as luck would have it, every single saturday of march (so far) has been absolutely perfect. a lot of the days between have been perfect, too. spring is springing here in the south. don't get jealous just yet, though. march here is so unpredictable. the morning is a lion, the afternoon is a lamb, and then all night it is pouring rain. i got my box of warm weather clothes out of the attic, but i can't yet put away the winter clothes. some days are sweatshirts with jackets and wool socks. other days are sandals and t-shirts and pants rolled up. most days you start bundled up and end up sunbathing by dinnertime. it's been that way for weeks.

i'm not complaining. i know we only have a short amount of time before it gets sweaty, sweaty hot. for now, we wait for the weather to be just right and then we get out and enjoy every minute. 

recently daddy and i were talking about our girls, and how they need adventure. lately i just can't get the quote out of my head that "all good things are wild and free." if there is anything that describes my girls, that would be it. wild and free. we came up with the "adventure girls" and since then we've been spending time trying to get out and let our adventure girls be as wild and as free as they please.

and, thanks to this weather, every saturday has been a new adventure. 
when we're not having big adventures, we are out finding worms and picking every dandelion in the backyard. 
life is pretty good.

i'll post some adventure pictures and some really great kid quotes later this week. 

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O'Connor Famiglia said...

I am so jealous that you've already got spring coming your way. We got snow yesterday up here! I don't know what kind of trees you have in your front yard, but that's exactly what I imagined as a kid singing "popcorn popping," in primary!