Wednesday, February 17

back in the saddle.

yeah, it has been a long time.
like, two years.

i'm not sure that blogging is really "in" these days but i miss it.
and now that we've moved all the way back across the country (surprise!) i thought i'd start it up again to help share a little bit of our family with our loved ones who are far away.

let me explain.
no, there is too much. let me sum up.

i stopped posting right about the time i got pregnant with little evie in spring 2014.
yep, a whole person appeared during my absence (surprise again!).
anyway, i was so, so sick with her. the worst sick. not-even-functioning-sick. then, in the fall, things got really crazy when we moved in with my husband's parents for an indefinite amount of time. our time there was fun and hard and stressful and happy and we'll never forget it. between the living arrangement and the newborn baby, i kinda went into survival mode.
in the spring we got an idea. it was pretty out there, but we decided to go for it. the husband went back to school full-time and that meant moving back to where it all started, in utah valley. we were pretty nervous because, well, we're old and have a lot of kids and what were we even thinking?! but now we're in the second semester and things are working out better than we even imagined.

it's starting to feel as normal and calm as life with three little girls will ever be, so here i am. i'm ready to post some stuff for my benefit and for yours; because i will not remember my babies if i don't write it down and i think y'all might just be interested in our little fowlers, too.

plus i'm a nerd who likes writing. 

we can be friends on instagram if we aren't already (because it can kinda be like a micro-blog, i've found, and it's a lot easier to maintain). if you're here solely for the pictures, that's your spot. on the blog i'm going to add a bunch of words and i can't promise it won't get super cheesy.
fair warning & welcome back.


O'Connor Famiglia said...

Yay! I love your blog. And I love hearing about your girls. I hope if I ever have girls they're as precocious and funny and as smart yours. Welcome back!

Saimi said...

You're Back!!! Life does get crazy but I sure love seeing your darling family again which brings me to say, congratulations on your sweet new addition! I'd love to be friends on Instagram, what's your handle, and Ill look you up. Thanks for posting again!

Ash said...